Singing and Vocal lessons Ashford Kent

Vocal Performance Technique

Vocal Performance Technique is a method of building up the skill set for becoming an improved singer, regardless of age or experience as with our other lessons these take place at our music school in Ashford, Kent. Classes are designed to suit each student individually, working on both their strengths and areas they find more challenging.  Our vocal tutors are Harriet Drury, Josie Matcham and Xanthia Geens.

Combining warm up techniques, a grounding in basic theory and vocal exercises, each lesson comes back to repertoire and investigating different vocal styles; enabling the student a chance each week to reinforce what they’ve learnt practically, in a song.

Recurring features of a lesson include:

  • Breathing
  • Vocal control
  • Ear training
  • Range/Registers
  • Tone/Diction
  • Interpretation

With the emphasis placed firmly on performance, many students find any issues with confidence soon replaced by a burgeoning self-assurance and enjoyment of the freedom vocal expression gives you. With encouragement and guidance, anyone can sing!

Free 15 min taster lesson

If your not sure about whether Singing is for you then why not try our FREE 15 min taster lesson.

Tuition Fees

Lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis for a duration of 30 minutes and cost £17.