Piano and Keyboard lessons Ashford Kent

Piano and keyboard lessons can be individually tailored to suit any age, ability and interest. Whether you wish to take grade examinations, or perhaps to pursue a lifelong interest in blues or jazz, we hope to be able to provide you with a learning experience that is both structured and informative, and enables you to achieve your personal goals, as with our other lessons these take place at our music school in Ashford, Kent. Our team of tutors are Paul Stewart, Neil Sharp, Sam Messer, Michael Clark and Anne Lochinger.

We endeavour to provide a creative learning environment that pupils can explore and develop the following musical skills:

  • Sight reading
  • Memorization
  • Composition
  • Improvisation

All students are encouraged particularly to develop their aural training through rhythm exercises and pitch recognition.

We employ a range of classical and contemporary teaching methods, allowing you to develop your passion for music in a way that is both challenging and fun!

Free 15 min taster lesson

If your not sure about whether Piano or Keyboard is for you then why not try our FREE 15 min taster lesson.

Tuition Fees

Lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis for a duration of 30 minutes and cost £17.

Click on the link below for our range of Digital Pianos and Keyboards.