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Graded Exam Results at Right Track Music

Congratulations to all the students for the following exam results:

Piano: Grade 2 Merit
Brass / Woodwind: Grade 1 Merit, Grade 2 Merit, Grade 3 Merit, Grade 6 Merit, Grade 8 Pass
Drum: Grade 1 Merit, Grade 1 Distinction, Grade 2 Pass, Grade 8 Merit
Guitar: Grade 1 Rock Distinction, Grade 1 Acoustic Distinction, Grade 2 Acoustic Merit, Grade 2 Acoustic Merit, Grade 2 Acoustic Merit, Grade 2 Acoustic Distinction, Grade 3 Acoustic Distinction, Grade 7 Rock Merit

Great results all round, thanks for all the hard of the tutors involved as well.

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Right Track Music Stage Line-up Create 2015

Right Track Music Stage:

Headline Act (To be announced)
Red Light Runner
Stella ‘n the Loft
Blacken The Name
Maisie Tozer
India Blue
RTM Band Workshop bands

This is a line up we really looking forward to be bringing you, on the 20th Anniversary of Right Track Music and Create.

Share as much as possible.

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