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Right Track Music School will be offering everyone and anyone free taster  music lessons, across a huge range of instruments from guitars, pianos and drums to ukuleles, saxophones and clarinets, on National Learn to Play Day, Saturday 16th March 2013.

The event is timely as a recent survey  by Arts Council England’s ‘Take it away’ scheme, in conjunction with  parenting website Netmums, found that nearly three-quarters of parents  (73%) thought access to a free taster lesson would be a good way to  encourage their child to take up an instrument.

There  is hope for the older would-be musician as well. 73% of parents say  they learned to play an instrument as a child, but no longer play.  However, over 80% of them wished they still did! So a free taster  session would also be a great way to get adults back into the swing too.

The  National Learn to Play Day is organised by the charity Music for All in  partnership with the Musicians’ Union, Arts Council England’s Take it  away scheme, and

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